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Feedback / Complaint / Compliments / Customer Survey

BLS teams are committed to delivering world class service. It is the endeavor of every team to extend a seamless and professional engagement at all times. Feedback therefore, is of utmost importance and the customer feedback process enables applicants to reach the organization at any point. It is an assurance that all feedback received is dealt with due attention and in much detail.

Should you wish to get an update on your feedback or complaint, you are requested to provide the listed details by writing to us at

Customer Feedback and Complaint

In order to get an update on your feedback or complaint, you are requested to provide the listed details by writing an email to

  • Complete details of the application (Date and place of submission)
  • Number of applications submitted/enclosed
  • Contact Details (Mobile/ Landline Number)
  • Passport Number/ Full Name as displayed on passport
  • Mode of Payment (Postal Order or receipt enclosed for online payment)
  • Feedback or complaint of the applicant

Alternatively, you can also fill-up the below mentioned Feedback or complaint form:

Customer Feedback and Complaint Form

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On receipt of any feedback or complaint from your end, our dedicated team will work to resolve the issue on priority and will respond to you within two working days. However, if our dedicated experts fall short of resolving your queries within the stipulated time frame, we will certainly update you on the progress and let you know the expected time within which, your query will get resolved.

If in any situation you are not satisfied with our response, you can escalate the matter to next level, please follow our Escalation process . Under this level, all your complaints are taken care of with upmost priority by our concerned team.


Positive response always plays a pivotal role in evaluating the performance of staffs that further motivates them to deliver quality services to the clients. It also inspires a staff towards the accomplishment of his/her personal as well as professional goals.

You can share your compliment by writing an email to

Further, we practice the following process to share this compliment with the relevant associate:

  1. BLS International Customer Support team accepts the compliment
  2. The compliment is shared with the respective associate
  3. The associate with the highest rating will be awarded with a certificate of appreciation/recognition.

Alternatively, you can also fill-up the below mentioned compliment form:

Compliment Form

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Customer Survey

Conducting survey plays a key role to get valuable information from the clients/users/customers that come across our services on day-to-day basis. Survey acts as a continuous improvement approach, which helps an organization to set a new benchmark of services in the relevant domain.

In order to be a part of our survey through offline mode, you just need to visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in person and fill-up the "APPLICANT SATISFACTION SURVEY FORM".

Processing time : Applicants are advised to submit visa applications minimum 15 days in advance of their travel plans.

  1. Please be advised that the estimated processing times are mentioned below. However, how long an application will take to process is also dependent on the following factors such as; the city the application was submitted in, in which city or country was the previous / old passport issued your current visa status and etc. The estimated processing time mentioned below does not include the time that the courier company will take to deliver the passport. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will lead to a delay in the processing of an application, and all applicant(s) are requested to comply with any changes that may occur during this time.
  2. You are requested to make your travel arrangements only after receiving relevant service. BLS/HCI/CGI will not be liable for any claims of inconvenience or penalties should applicant need to make changes to their travel plans owing to the delays and/or any inconvenience caused due to any rejections.

Note: Applications sent by post will take additional 3-4 working days for processing.

Visa Fee schedule

Kindly refer to the fee tables. You may look up the exact visa fee payable based on your nationality and visa to be applied for.

Charge Type Amount Remarks
Short Stay Visa Fees SGD 95.50 For each application
Children between 6-12 years SGD 55.70 For each application
Service Fees SGD 22.30 For each application
SMS Fees SGD 5.00 Optional Service
Courier Fees SGD 25.00 Optional Service
Form Filling SGD 15.00 Optional Service
Photocopy SGD 0.50 Optional Service
Photograph SGD 12.00 Optional Services
Printing SGD 1.00/Page Optional Services
Internet Kiosk SGD 10.00 Optional Services
Premium Lounge SGD 40.00 Optional Services
Mobile Biometric SGD 250.00/Application Optional Services
Prime Time Submission SGD 50.00 Optional Services
Premium Lounge SGD 40.00 Optional Services
Sl. No. Nationality Visa fee amount(in CAD)
1 Iran 335
2 Macau 335
3 Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, DPR Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nepal, US and Canada, and Uruguay 0
4 Japan 65
5 Russia – single entry 330
6 Russia – double entry 720
7 Russia – multiple entry 950
8 Sri Lanka – 1 month with double entry 140
9 Sri Lanka – 3 months with single entry 140
10 Sri Lanka – 3 months with double entry 220
11 Singapore 215
12 USA 960
13 Ukraine 680
14 Mozambique – Single entry (additional urgency charges of 530 may be applicable) 660
15 Mozambique – (Single entry Urgent same day) 1190
16 Mozambique – Multiple entries (additional urgency charges of 620 may be applicable) 1,730
17 Mozambique – Multiple entries (additional urgency charges of 620 may be applicable) 1,730
18 Nigeria 1960
19 UK Nationals 1205
20 All other nationals not mentioned above 335

Applicants who are not residents or who have not completed two years of residence in EDIor Macau are required to fill in the Personal Particulars Form in addition to the Visa Application Form

Download Form

Singapore pdf file Click here

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